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In the year ending June 2015, there were 25, 771 asylum applications to the United Kingdom - a 10% increase on the previous year. The largest number of applications came from nationals of Eritrea, Pakistan and Syria (Home office, Statistical News Release: Immigration Statistics, 27/08/2015).

The situation in the Middle East is likely to further increase these numbers, especially if the UK meets the Government’s commitment to admit 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020. Recent studies from Mind, Refugee Council and the Red Cross have pointed to the need for additional support to refugees, to ensure they have a successful settling experience and avoid the long-lasting and debilitating effects caused by insecurity, isolation, anxiety and depression.

In addition, there can be hostility among hosting communities to new refugees. In a survey by YouGov, 48% of respondents opposed their local council hosting 10 refugee families. Recent terrorist attacks are also spreading a negative perception of the new refugees coming from the Middle East.

However, the majority of refugees are a valuable resource for their host communities, providing diversity as well as motivated individuals who are willing to work and learn, with a strong desire to prosper in their new country. RISE will work closely with local communities to deliver the project, thereby helping to promote social integration and cohesion.

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